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About Astraea & me

About Astræa

Astræa is a medieval fantasy webcomic, revolving around Alcea and Yunan. Published in the format of a webtoon, the updates aren’t regular for various reasons, though they may be if I end up making it my full-time job.

This story fits the mystery, fantasy, romance and adventure genres.

I’ve started writing it in 2018, and started publishing the comic in 2021.

For the moment, I’m working alone but I get proofreading from some friends. Thanks a lot to them!

About me

I am Scarchou, self-taught illustrator / comic artist / comic writer !

Thank you for your interest in Astræa !
Nothing makes me happier than knowing people enjoy my stories.

If you like my artstyle, you can check my website or social media, links are just below. Bye !