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Worldmap of Letona


Free lands of Eluteria Embrume Kingdom Meillandt County Ventore Kingdom Raenera Kingdom Desert of Peace Satella Forest Unexplored territory (south west) Yukishima Icelands Unexplored territory (east) Unexplored territory (north east) Narne Archipelago

Free lands of Eluteria

The free lands of Eluteria, mostly sand, but free. Most people living here are imani tribes.

Embrume Kingdom

The largest and most powerful among the human kingdoms. Ruled by Embrume dynasty. Shares borders with all other lands. They are more focused on martial growth, technology and knowledge. The Royal Capital City is Nebula.

Meillandt County

Attached to Embrume Kingdom, but closer to an independant state thanks to its central location and strong economics. Specialized in trading, its capital city is also the one of merchants, where the main house of Merchants Guild resides. Managed by Count de Meillandt, owns all artificial routes.

Ventore Kingdom

Human-populated kingdom, which specialty is agriculture and craft, thanks to their large field surfaces and nice weather.

Raenera Kingdom

A kingdom sharing borders with Meillandt County, Embrume Kingdom and Satella elven lands, which specializes in trading and tourism.

Desert of Peace

A calm and peaceful desert. No one comes here, nothing grows there. The only access by land is through Ventore Kingdom.

Satella Forest

Large territory dominated by forests and elven cities, hidden deep in the woods. They keep the secrets of magic very jealously. Their central and grandest city is Lysithea, where the Temple of the Four Gods and its prophets resides.

Unexplored territory (south west)

South West unexplored continent.

Yukishima Icelands

Lands covered of snow and ice, populated by imani tribes that adapted to cold weather. The isolated nature of this place seems to have made them develop a completely different culture ...

Unexplored territory (east)

Eastern unexplored islands.

Unexplored territory (north east)

North east unexplored lands.

Narne Archipelago

Nests of pirates, mostly imani of aquatic tribes. The piracy world is dominated by them, as they can swim and breathe under water with ease. Conquerors of the Oceans and Underwaters.